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Silvana and her cousin Aurora bonded as young children over a shared history of family cooking and French and Italian family recipes passed through generations. Their mothers regularly gathered the whole family around the kitchen table to share recipes, stories, and laughter, with each generation teaching the next how to create the delicious dishes of their childhoods. For Aurora and Silvana, these childhood gatherings were special moments that united their families, instilled in their souls a love of cooking, and laid the foundation for their exceptional culinary talent. Over the decades, Aurora and Silvana have refined and expanded their recipes to include a variety of traditional, modern, and international cuisines that they have passed down to their children.

Fresh Meals by Aurora NJ

Today, Aurora and Silvana have partnered to bring you Fresh Meals by Aurora that will delight your taste buds! Fresh Meals by Aurora is a simple, convenient way to ensure you and your loved ones get the well-balanced meals you need, even on your busiest days. In addition to offering prepared meal delivery and pickup and event catering, Fresh Meals by Aurora has a convenient store that’s perfect for when you need a freshly prepared grab-and-go meal. Whether you choose pickup, delivery, grab and go, or catering, all the food prepared at Fresh Meals by Aurora is made with the freshest ingredients and can be customized to accommodate your dietary needs and food preferences. In our menu you will find a variety of foods to satisfy every member of your family. Let Fresh Meals by Aurora nourish and simplify your family's busy lifestyle.

Fresh Meals by Aurora Team

Rounding out the partnership for Fresh Meals by Aurora is Matthew & David. Matthew has been involved in the business of food for more than 20 years. Most recently Matthew was the owner of Ciao Bella Napoli Pizzeria located in the Chelsea district of New York City. During his time at Ciao Bella, Matthew befriended Bobby Flay who would always stop by his favorite Pizzeria while in the area making a guest appearance at one of the many TV talk shows shot on location. Matthew serviced many of the shows including the Martha Stewart show, the Tara Banks show, and the Rachel Ray show. Matthew also provided his old fashioned pizza and other Italian specialties to Madison Square Garden where he established close relations with the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers.

Great Food

David is married to Silvana and has been involved in the Real Estate business for more than 20 years. David graduated from Boston University with a degree in Business Management, and has bought, sold, & operated Real Estate property. David was also an active partner in a New York City Pizzeria at the same time Matthew was operating Caio Bella. During the Covid pandemic, the food industry saw rocket growth in online ordering of food for delivery and curbside pickup. It was during this time that David saw an exciting opportunity to own & operate Fresh Meals by Aurora with his wife, Aurora, & Matthew. David can be found working in the back office, and will be involved in all facets of the company including payroll, marketing, accounting, and food inventory & controls.

Food Specialty Store

Why Do Your Friends and Neighbors Love Fresh Meals by Aurora?

Freshly prepared, hand-crafted meals are just a few clicks away. Whether you're looking for a full family meal or a quick lunch for one, Fresh Meals by Aurora has something to satisfy your taste buds! Our extensive menu offers classic and modern dishes that can be customized to fit your needs. Plus, all of our fresh ingredients are carefully selected and prepared to perfection in our kitchen.

  • Hand-crafted, Fresh Meals Delivered

    At Fresh Meals by Aurora, we’re committed to providing our customers with flavorful, authentic, hand-crafted meals made fresh on the day of pickup or delivery. Enjoy the best ready-to-eat meals delivered to your home or business, and experience the great taste of our homemade sauces, gravies, and salad dressings created from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Plus, no need to worry about leftovers. All of our meals can be frozen within three to four days of pickup or delivery to be enjoyed at a later date. Get started with the best ready-to-eat meal delivery service today!
  • Customized to Suit Your Needs

    At Fresh Meals by Aurora, we understand that healthy eating means something different to everyone. Whether you have specific dietary needs or prefer certain flavors, we can adjust our meals to suit your needs! Get started today!
  • Convenient Retail Location

    Our convenient retail location makes it easy to get a quick and delicious lunch or dinner without the hassle of cooking from scratch! Fresh Meals by Aurora offers grab and go meals, salads, Boar's Head deli meats, specialty stuffed breads, homestyle pizzas, and more, made fresh daily in our kitchen. We also stock healthy snacks sourced from local vendors. Stop by today and enjoy all that we have to offer. You won't be disappointed!
  • Cooking Expertise

    Fresh Meals by Aurora prepared meal service makes it easier than ever to enjoy flavorful meals. Chefs Aurora, Silvana, and Matthew have partnered to combine their vast experience and knowledge of cuisine to create mouth-watering, well-balanced dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.
  • Experience

    With a lifetime of experience in the kitchen preparing family recipes, chefs Silvana and Aurora are uniquely skilled and qualified to provide delicious and nutritious meals that will bring smiles of joy to your table. Our hand-crafted meals are packed with flavor and nutrition–perfect for the whole family! For an effortless way to ensure your loved ones get a nutritious meal, choose Fresh Meals by Aurora.
  • Exceptional Catering Service

    Fresh Meals by Aurora will work closely with you to select catering items and platters which best fit your budget and preferences. We have a large variety of dishes and platters to choose from. We use the freshest ingredients in all of our catering dishes, and your guests will taste the variety of flavors we use. You will never receive a bland catering dish from us, and even the most discerning guests will be delighted with our dishes. When possible, we use locally-sourced ingredients to create delicious, hand-crafted dishes which will make your special event truly memorable.

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